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Patients With More Fall Risk Factors


All raw food must be washed well before eating or cooking. If someone had contracted the infection, he/she should not cook or serve food to others for at least three to four days after the symptom has cleared. Finally, remember to quarantine the sick person to prevent spread or reoccurrence. […]

Patients With More Fall Risk Factors2017-02-16T11:12:58-05:00

Facial Features and Genes


With the hospital founder as a leading cardiac surgeon, MedicPress has been able to establish itself as the ultimate destination for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all kinds of heart and vascular diseases and their treatment. Here, almost all types of cardiovascular disorders are treated including coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart muscle disease, heart failure, heart [...]

Facial Features and Genes2017-02-16T11:08:38-05:00

Sugar Industry and Your Teeth


Stress is also known to cause hyperarousal, a medical state when a stressed person does not feel sleepy. If the symptoms persist for a long time, this insomnia leads to severe sleep disorders. Let’s see some of the effects stress can have on the body. […]

Sugar Industry and Your Teeth2017-02-16T11:07:00-05:00

Early Detection of Allergy Risk


Open 24/7; patients are encouraged to book appointments with us at their own convenient time and spend the minimum time waiting. We pride ourselves on our prompt service. Experience our service and care once, and we are confident of becoming your exclusive choice. […]

Early Detection of Allergy Risk2017-02-16T11:05:29-05:00

Lifetime Weight Gain Linked to Food


Irrespective of stress being a short-term frustration or arising from a major catastrophic event in life like death, divorce, etc., it can influence the body to a surprising level. Let’s see some of the effects stress can have on the body. […]

Lifetime Weight Gain Linked to Food2017-02-16T11:04:23-05:00

Summer Tip: Get Checked for Skin Cancer


Even though stomach flu or acute gastroenteritis is commonly benign and self-limited and subsides within a few days; it can knock you out for a few days and leave you extremely tired and weak. With your intestines attacked by the flu, one often manifests symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and even mild fever. […]

Summer Tip: Get Checked for Skin Cancer2017-02-16T11:03:58-05:00

New Therapy Helps You Lose Weight


Overproduction of cortisol hormone increases your sugar and fat cravings and leads you to have a larger portion of food. This phenomenon is called ‘emotional eating’. This also affects the metabolism and digestion of food. Consequently, one finds a severe weight gain and thus opens the door to various other diseases. […]

New Therapy Helps You Lose Weight2017-02-16T11:01:23-05:00