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Facts About CAT Scan


With the hospital founder as a leading cardiac surgeon, MedicPresshas been able to establish itself as the ultimate destination for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all kinds of heart and vascular diseases and their treatment. […]

Facts About CAT Scan2017-02-16T11:00:19-05:00

Why is Smoking Bad For Your Teeth?


At MedicPress, we provide excellent pediatric care to children in the city and adjacent areas for about half a century now. Our medical care extends to infant, children, and adolescents. Built on a foundation of caring, expert knowledge and accessibility, we have the right size to give proper attention to both parents and children which [...]

Why is Smoking Bad For Your Teeth?2017-02-16T10:58:51-05:00

HIV: Treatment & Prevention


All exposed surfaces of the house should be cleaned using a bleach containing cleanser to kill all germs. It’s best to wear rubber gloves while cleaning. The cleaning rags should be then disposed of or sanitized with hot water and bleach before next use. […]

HIV: Treatment & Prevention2017-02-16T10:56:52-05:00

Wrinkle Correction


Walk into the outpatient rehabilitation section of MedicPress hospital to experience a full range of occupational and physical therapy services using specialized expertise in the modern environment with state-of-the-art equipment. The entire core of the services focuses on one person as an individual and moving heaven and earth to help him fight his unique circumstances and [...]

Wrinkle Correction2017-02-16T10:52:45-05:00

Why Parent Feel the Loss of a Child So Deeply


An undisputed leader in the field, the Ophthalmology Department boasts of successfully treating over 30, 000 patients every year. Trust our board certified and fellow trained ophthalmologists to offer you a complete range of comprehensive, sub-specialty, surgical as well as non-invasive treatments for any of the eye area like the retina, vitreous humor, cornea, glaucoma, [...]

Why Parent Feel the Loss of a Child So Deeply2017-02-16T10:51:39-05:00